Helping your Website to be found by Google

Now that you’ve launched your website, you’ll want people to be able to find you. If Mosaik Web developed your website, then basic Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) were been built into your site, but those cover only some of the components that will help your site be found by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

One way to increase your SEO ranking is to have links to your site from other high-traffic and reputable sources. It will take some work on your part, but is an important component of marketing your site.

You are likely to receive a lot of unsolicited email and calls from people offering to boost your site’s search ranking or offering to exchange links. Generally these are what they seem – SPAM – and should be avoided.

Here are some suggestions for you to pursue – all at no cost to you. I hope you will consider making the effort. Websites are not “build it and they will come” by nature. There is an ongoing investment on your part to help your site be found.

  • 1. Social Media. Create an account and be sure to include your website URL as part of your profile or “About” information. Additionally add content/updates with links back to your site. For example on Facebook, you might post “New Classes starting soon” and include the link to the Schedule page on your website. Or “We are now offering discounts on ….” and link back to the Services page on your website.

    These highly popular sites are free to use. The goal is to have a link to your website from these high traffic site. If you go to the trouble to create a video for YouTube, be sure to add your link in the description of the videol! Frequent Facebook posts should include a link to a page on your site!

    Also, with YouTube as one of the highest traffic sites on the Internet, by creating a video that you upload to YouTube, you get a link to your site, but also you can embed the video on your own website as way to make your site more interactive and interesting.

  • 2. Add your business and website to Google Places:

  • 3. Share your expertise. There are many discussion groups and forums online. Answer questions, give advice, you may be seen as an expert and get some calls. Examples: Google Groups and Yahoo Groups, professional groups on Linked In. Or find discussion groups used by your clients. When you answer questions be sure to link back to your website!!

  • 4. Post events. Post your class or event at – You can add a link to your site for the event (but the link won’t be active) Add an active link to your website home page as part of your profile under “Interests”, add a link and select “website” for description.

  • 5. Add documents to your website. Google indexes PDF, Word, Excel, and other documents. Those documents should include your site URL and use of your keywords. If you have forms that clients fill out (for example to register for a class), consider storing a PDF version online that they can download. Of if you have policies that you regularly send to clients – again, store those as a PDF that can be downloaded. Be sure to include your site URL as an active link in the documents.

  • 6. “Claim” or “Post” your business on some of the websites where people provide reviews. Send your happy clients to these sites to post reviews if you think they have positive feedback. Be sure your business listing details include your website URL!! See the screen shot below where a Google search for Burlingame Vet Clinic shows their links with three reviewing sites plus a business association (the Oregon Vet Medical Association)

    Screen Shot of Google Search Results

This may all seem like a lot of work, and it can be. However you don’t have to tackle it all at once. Consider investing time in small increments. Start with something easy such as adding your site to Google Places (#2 above). A little time invested weekly over a long period will add up. And its an investment in your business. And who knows, you might even have fun on the blogs and community forums.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you find the information beneficial.

Kind Regards, Laura