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Emergency Website Support

Website Emergencies

We have researched options for affordable emergency support providers that are known for immediate responses in a timely manner. Hopefully this will be helpful to you in the event of a website emergency during those times when Mosaik Web is unavailable to respond. These providers do not require contracts or long term commitments making them a good choice for quick fixes.

Emergency Support for Most Types of Websites

24/7 Website Support, Updates, and Maintenance | Website Troubleshooting
Website Troubleshooting 24/7 Website Support, Updates, and Maintenance and Website Troubleshooting.

Emergency Support for WordPress Websites

WordPress Emergency Support
WP Fix It offers 24×7 emergency support as well as ongoing maintenance and updates – specializing in WordPress websites.

WordPress Website Maintenance Options

WordPress website maintenanceWordPress Websites should be maintained with regular software updates and backups. Think of it like having a car, where preventative maintenance includes changing the oil and filter on a regular basis.

For those who do not have the time or the desire to do so, there are companies who will provide this service for you. Many require a commitment. Below are some options that are cost effective and do not require any commitment.

WordPress Keep It Safe Options

WordPress Keep it Safe plan
WordPress Keep It Safe (WP KIS™)
WP Fix It Plans offer Backups, Monitoring, Security Protection & more

Free Do-It-Yourself Resources Links

do-it-yourself free resources

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